Complete silence filled my home. Gradually a room dimmly lit by a lamp was flooded with a blinding beam of light. I glanced at the clock that read 6:00am. “Wait, is that DAYLIGHT?” I was so absorbed and engrossed in my work that I had no clue of the time. While I sat stunned that I had been working through the night, I heard footsteps emerging from my bedroom. “What in the heck are you doing?” In the doorway of the kitchen stood my husband with this perplexed look on his face trying to figure out where his wife has been all night.  All I could do was laugh! Lol!  Between my chuckles I was able to remind him that I was in crunch time to finish my book and journal. “I will be there shortly Cutie,” I reassured. But it was another two hours before I was done.  Eight in the morning is when I finally slid under the warm covers onto the perfect mattress next to my perfect man, and got a good hour and a half of sleep before the day’s demands met me.

How bad do you really want what you say you want? There are no excuses big enough to keep me from what I want! Is this your resolve as well? Me and my husband have been pouring our hearts out onto the pages of our new books. This process has required many late nights and early mornings. I wanted my book along with his new book to be ready for our Fellowship Conference that was quickly approaching. I am convinced that God has placed these books on my husband’s and my heart to share with the body of Christ and the world. That being the case, sleep was not an option at the time.  My book is entitled FOCUS. How can I teach others to focus and get a job done and I put off my responsibilities and not get it done? Not happening at all! In every area of our lives, when there’s a goal there must be a commitment to the work necessary to get it done. When my marriage was bad I was determined to delve into whatever I had to do to fix it. When my husband was sick just a couple of years ago, I used that same tenacity as me and my family fought a good fight of faith to see my husband healed. So to be up until I could say “it is finished” was a no brainer for me. How bad do you want what you want? Sometimes you will have to forfeit the present comforts to get to your final destination. I love how on the last blog Romona commented that she used an excuse not to go with her husband to a family barbecue, but after she read and saw the vlog she changed and went.

I pray that this blog will encourage more of you to put in the necessary exertion of energy to qualify to see the best results possible. There is no excuse that should ever be big enough to keep you from all that God has for your life. I am so excited to share that my new book, FOCUS, is finished and I can’t wait for you to read it along with my husband’s new book, “Before the Storm”!

Stay connected,