Have you ever encountered a dreadful situation? One that was not only unexpected but also seemingly impossible? Well in August of 2014, DeeDee Freeman was faced with the near death of her husband and pastor, Dr. Michael A. Freeman. How she chose to face the next few months of the ordeal would affect her husband’s outcome and ultimately, her family’s fate.

In Focus, DeeDee Freeman teaches readers how to “Focus on the promise and not the process,” as she shares her experience in this modern-day David and Goliath tale. With authenticity, she reveals the challenges she and her husband faced during this time, and how they defied natural odds with supernatural tools. After reading this book and applying the practical principles, you will walk into your next faith fight with full knowledge of how to win in every area of your life.

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  1. M.R. Kennedy

    “You no longer have to suffer through painful processes, but through faith you can position yourself to walk into the promise.”
    In the book “Focus” Dr. Deedee guides the reader through an intimate retelling of her life’s most tragic days, her stance in her faith during those days, and her ability to “focus on the promise and not the process.”
    Dr. Deedee’s journal style of writing is so transparent, that she gives you a sense of intimacy as if you were in the room having a conversation with her. She then invites you into her thought process while she recalls those dark days. At the end of each entry are Faith Principles and Word Weapons, that will equip you to stand in the face of tragedy.
    Dr. Deedee encourages her readers to use these Faith Principles and Word Weapons to “Establish Faith in Jesus prior to the storm, in order to be firmly rooted during the storm.”
    This life strengthening manual will embolden you and equip you to “Fight fear with faith and go from tragedy to triumph.”

  2. Angela (verified owner)

    I got my book on Saturday!!! I am so excited reading this book. As many times as I have heard the testimony of the Freeman’s under attack, I pull something new out everytime. I live in California so I have watched faithfully for 5 years on podcast, The Word Channel, TBN, Church Channel now on periscope and Hillsong Channel. I’ve watch all of you grow up in the spirit and myself right along with you. You are so relatable to my life. I truly thank God for you all. I have considered many times wanting to move to the DC area. Instead for the time being I have registered to next years GGG so I will see you there!!!!!!

    Love you guys to LIFE!!

  3. Jacqueline M. Hunter

    I am ready to read the Word of God

  4. Angelique Martin 🇹🇹

    Angelique Martin 🇹🇹
    I got my book plus journal today from my daughter.For my birthday 🎂.I told her that’s what I want.I told her you have to hang with those who have your answer.I want to Win in every area of life.I am changing my Conversation to life because you are teaching me The Process,The Promise.Thanks

  5. Lesley Joseph (verified owner)

    This book is awesome!! It will navigate you through focusing on the promises of God and not settling for less than His best! One of my favorite statements in the book is “I don’t want a half victory!” That definitely stood out to me. I also enjoy the scriptures at the end of each chapter. If you’re looking for an easy to ready, back to the basics book, look no further!!

  6. Melanie Sheppard

    I’m thoroughly impressed this is not just another read my experience book. This is a see how I “made” my experience live “my life” book. Oftentimes, it’s our experience that makes us change.

    “Focus” challenges you to really locate yourself and diagnose what’s going on in your life and then pinpoint where you are in the midst of it all. It makes you look and see how responsible or irresponsible your responses are to the situations in your life.

    We are not powerless victims. You become a victim by making a series of irresponsible choices and your defeated circumstances becomes the victor. Not anymore she gives you step by step faith actions to make the change. She encourages you to take a stand, to fight and don’t let go of the promises of God. Regardless, of how it looks keep going.

    My favorite sentence is “As a believer, you cannot afford to entrust your hope to a timeline.”~DeeDee Freeman.

    POW!!!! That about summed it up for me!!!

  7. Debbi Amos

    This book is currently blessing my life. I read in in 2 days. I could not put it down. I really focused on identifying my faith troop and not losing my joy in the transition. My woman of God truly taught me to stand my ground and focus on the promise.

  8. Sunday Bolden

    This book is a must read…. I have the book and I’m buying another one for a friend …..

  9. Camille Gipson

    I cannot begin to share in words how much this book has aided in my current process. I had been following closely Dr. Freeman’s Process since Dr. Deedee shared it online so his miracle was already familiar and a blessing to me. However, at this point in time I was physically growing tired and I needed a spiritual boost. Satan was tugging hard at my mind but as I’m trained to do I resisted the devil the best way I knew how. This book helped me get fired up again and expect to receive the promise of healing manifest in my life. All of God’s promises are yes and Amen. You will all be hearing of my testimony soon. Thank you Drs. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman. Dr. Dee Dee a special thank you goes to you. You are indeed a special woman of God and you don’t know it but you’ve been with me through your teachings every step of my current 2 plus year process.

  10. Ruby Willoughby

    🙏🏾Dr.DeeDee I want to thank you for your faithfulness and the endeavors you went through to write this book” FOCUS ” thank you for reminding me that GOD created me to win” this book is so anointed I took my time in reading it and I just finish chapter nine. Powerful words in this book chapter nine had me so broken and thankful to GOD, WOW AWESOME. I decree every request you have up before GOD be granted unto you in JESUS Name AMEN🙏🏾thanks Dr. DeeDee I love you with the love of GOD 1st. JOHN 4:8&9

  11. Sandra Brown

    This book has awakened a spirit of determination in me that I am not even sure I have ever felt before. I have been surviving on such a low level of faith for so long, always feeling inadequate and often feeling like the walk or journey, “the process” just wasn’t worth it. Today I feel an incredible sense of freedom and assurance that my processes, past and future are for my betterment and the betterment of others. Thank you Dee Dee Freeman for sharing your testimonies and allowing God to use you to rescue me! Peace and Love
    Sandra Dee

  12. Kecia Doleman

    Have not read it yet

  13. Kecia Doleman

    I have not read it yet but I look forward to reading it…. after I purchase the book

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