Should I run, should I pick up my purse and bring it closer, should I move over a little ways away from her, or what exactly should I do? These are all of the thoughts that could have run through my mind encountering this beautiful purple-haired, tatted, pierced up, gothic looking girl. Instead, I sat patiently waiting for an opportunity to express the love of Jesus. Which I did and I paid for all of her services. Her response, “I have never had anyone to do anything nice for me.”

Have you ever had an encounter with someone that look totally opposite of you? What were your thoughts? Did you automatically judge them through your bias opinion, or did you see them through the eyes of Jesus? This girl looked like no one I would have ever chosen to sit next to. I was sitting quietly in the nail salon and this young lady entered the salon really loudly so I casually looked over my shoulder to see what was going on. She walked over to the seat right next to me. I looked down and noticed her service dog. Me, being the inquisitive (nosey lol) person that I am, waited for the perfect time to talk. I spoke and started the small talk that you do when you are just meeting someone. Then I asked her what was the service dog for? Her response, “I HAVE ANGER ISSUES.” Oh really? Lol! Now all of the thoughts I did not have at first came quickly with alarm bells ringing in my mind. I said, “I have never heard of someone having a service dog for anger”. She answered, “Yes, he will bark and pull on me to correct myself.” Puzzled, I asked,”Well what happens if you do not respond?” She answered with a smirk, “He gets louder and pulls harder.”

As I interrogated her, Holy Spirit started to speak to me. “That sounds just like Me.” I said, “Yes, Holy Spirit, it does.” I started to feel bad because I started to visualize how I have ignored Holy Spirit when He has tried to get my attention, and the many times have I overwhelmed Him by ignoring Him. I’m sure He isn’t overwhelmed with any of us, but I had to see it that clear so I could make a midstream turn when I am being stubborn. I know none of you are like me so I will just talk about me. Sometimes I do not want to hear Holy Spirit correct me. I want to do it my way sometimes because it satisfies my flesh. The crazy thing is, I cannot stand being ignored. Back in my crazy days, in the beginning of my marriage, if Mike ignored me it was like fire would roll up my back and into my brain! The only release I would have was to throw something, typically at him. Lol! I apologize for messing up your image of me. I am better now ๐Ÿ˜

That dog sat there so patiently at times in an uncomfortable position because it had to stay with the person it was assigned to. When the girl had to go wash her hands and pick out a nail color the dog had to stay attached to her. How many times have we put Holy Spirit in an uncomfortable position because He could never leave us or forsake us? Some are so comfortable in sin that they do not even remember that Jesus is right there with them. Today visualize Holy Spirit in the flesh with you and watch how your attitude and responses differ.

“Do not quench (suppress or subdue) the [Holy] Spirit;” 1 Thessalonians 5:19 AMP

I could have taken this blog in other directions like dealing with the judgment of others or being blessed to be a blessing, but today I really felt a different tug. I want to encourage everyone that reads this to stop ignoring the tug or pull of Holy Spirit. His job is to protect and guide us. He has your best interests at heart. I love you, my sister!