Exposure is everything to me. So I have committed to taking individuals with me everywhere I go to show them that more is possible. If you do not know it is obtainable sometimes you won’t even believe for it. This is why testimonies are so empowering. If you have been reading these blogs you know that I always try to share one of my life episodes. Well about a month ago I attended the Rising Conference held by my friend Donna Pisani. She always does an optimum display of heaven on earth at her conferences. The worship is great, the attention grabbing artistry is phenomenal, and of course the Word is always on point. I love when people pay attention to detail and she does this so well. Since I know this conference is going to be an enriching experience every year, I am always eager to invite others to be a part. So I gathered a few ladies from the ministry and invited them to stay with me at a very nice hotel in downtown DC. My home is about forty minutes from the event location, so it was no need to bolt back from home so early when we could just stay in the area to enjoy the Friday night session and early Saturday sessions.

Since it was just for one night let’s stack the rooms! In my room I had my daughter-in-law and another young lady. We all were very hungry when we arrived at the hotel to get dressed to attend the Friday night meeting. It was too late to order room service so I just started to get dressed with the hope of grabbing something from the gift shop. From another room, I hear, “Dr. DeeDee would you like some gummy bears? They have some here in the room.” “Girl, no. Those things probably cost about $50”, is my response. If I could sketch the priceless depiction of the girl’s face who was so kindly offering these gummy bears I would. It was like she was frozen in time. When I looked at her I asked, “Why are you looking that way?” She opened her hand and it was full of gummy bears. LOL! You can’t take some people anywhere! No, I am not talking about a little child. This is a twenty-nine year old, grown, unexposed woman! Lol! I’m laughing because it was hilarious and you are probably saying, “What is so hilarious?” In this very commiserative voice she said, “I thought it was free.” Free? We live in America where nothing is free! She felt so bad and stated that the hotels she have stayed in only have free coffee so she had no idea about the sensor that automatically charges you once food is moved from their neat displays in these hotels. She tried to pay me for the gummy bears. “No way, keep your money. I invited you here and my card has an open tab.”

God wants us to be exposed to more so we can know that whatever we want in life it is possible for us.

Open Tab

I could dance right here because I know where I am going with this. First, you don’t know it all and God wants us to be exposed to more so we can know that whatever we want in life it is possible for us. If you don’t have someone in your life to show you that more is a possibility, go sit in a store with magazines and expose yourself until management tells you to leave. Stop waiting for help and help yourself! Secondly, God showed me that Jesus paid the ultimate price with his life and gave us an open tab. Some people will never ameliorate from the benefits that are afforded to us through the Word because they don’t know it’s been paid for. What do you want? There’s an open tab! Healing, peace, deliverance, joy, prosperity, marriage, kids, car, or house – whatever it is, start taking advantage of the open tab today. Somebody else is covering the bill.

I came that they may have and enjoy life,
and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).

Stay connected,