Beads of sweat began to roll down my face and back as I tossed outfit after outfit aside in the consider pile.  Why did I invite Tam Lee (@boutiqehush) to help me purge my closet?  As she would hold a shirt, shoe, or jacket up I would give a very sentimental story behind each piece.  I would say, “You don’t know how long I had this!”, and “So and so gave this to me!”. (LOL)  The biggest excuse I would give is “It’s a designer piece” and you don’t know how much I paid for that.  With her head slightly tilted to the side, her lips gently raised and her eyes almost shut with disgust she said with no empathy “You have to let it go.”  

She should have just slapped me in my face or yelled at me because I believe I could have handled that much better.  She doesn’t understand that I visit three different sizes often.  Because of this I must have something to put on when I go there (LOL).  Every time I tell them I’m not coming back anymore they laugh at me just like some of you are laughing right now.  

After two days of purging my closet, as Tam calls it, I had so many bags of clothes and shoes that I knew I would never wear again.  However, that did not stop the withdrawal symptoms.  When I would lie down I would think about certain pieces to see if I wanted to go and take it from the bag.  The night sweats I really couldn’t distinguish from age 50 or my clothes but I can say I had a little more than usual.  I have one piece that I brought about two years ago and have never worn.  I know it would look so cute on my sister Karen and I laid it on the chair to give to her but for some reason I have not given it to her yet.  Mind you she was here helping me purge my closet.  Yes she was here and the jacket stayed here.  I was trying to see if I wanted to change my mind (LOL).  To me it was like I let it go because I took it out of the rotation pile but really I didn’t. I kept it close by in case I wanted to put it back in the closet.  

After four days of strolling pass the nice jacket on my chair God begins to speak “Why are you holding on to this?” Those words were the only words I needed to hear.  You see it was not about the jacket.  God doesn’t care about any material stuff you want to keep unless it keeps you from Him.  In my case it doesn’t keep me from Him but I immediately started to inspect my life which includes: my attitude, my temperament, my possessions, and also my friends.

Many times we hold on to things and people because of sentimental reasons.  Those things and people will began to clutter our lives so much that we can’t even see the jewels that are buried in us.  Like you have held on to a nasty attitude for so long just in case someone gets you wrong you won’t have to go to far to find it. How about the toxic friend that hogs all your time so you can’t explore new relationships?  

My mom called it spring cleaning when we were growing up and we didn’t like it because it was very detailed cleaning.  It was a lot of work but at the end of the day when the work was done the house was clean and fresh. Remember if you don’t get rid of the old ways the new ways won’t grow.

II Timothy 2:21 says, “If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

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