Happy New Year, to all of my subscribers. I am sitting here in the Bahamas and was looking back over 2018 to identify some regrets so I won’t make a mistake to revisit them. Regrets have a unique, manipulating way to hold you captive and prevent you from moving ahead. I not only can remember some regrets from 2018 but I can go back almost forty years. Those regretful experiences stripped me of my confidence, my self-esteem, my value, and my worth. I had to work hard at getting out of that rut I was in, and quite frankly it tries to come for me still today. It is a bit dangerous to think about them regrets long term. I promise you that I got as sad now as I was when I encountered the regretful decision, so I had to jump out quick. God the Father blessed us with this brilliant machine that we call the mind to help us and not to hurt us. God desires that we would use this tool of remembering for our focused pleasure and not pain. The only thing about the pain that I want to remember is that I don’t want to go back there.

Let me encourage you today to use your mind to benefit you and not to betray you. You may ask how is that possible? Well, it’s very likely if your mind is not renewed in the word of God because it will be led by your flesh and not your spirit. Your mind will work against who you really are if you let it. Ask me? I have allowed my mind to tell me things about me and life that was not true. When I listened to those thoughts, I made decisions based on what I thought or what I felt that was contradictory to what God said and wanted for me. Regrets come from poor choices that we make regardless if at the time you thought it was the right decision.

This year be intentional about every thought so you can be intentional about every decision. You could not wait to be grown so you could be in charge of your life. Now you are in charge, and you have been granted authority to run your mind. If you don’t like the thoughts, the word says to cast it down and if you like it release more of it. I want you to win this year at everything you set out to do. Listen, no matter how much I pray for you or how many prophecies you get if you don’t make up your mind to see it through it will not happen. WHO GOT THE POWER? YOU DO!