I just had the awesome opportunity of making one of the greatest impressions upon my daughter’s heart. My youngest daughter has a show on The Word Network, and she has to go to Detroit along with her husband to record. If you have never watched the show, you should bless yourself one Saturday at 1:30 pm est. They should pay me for that plug (LOL). My husband and I were guests on the first set of recordings, so I had to go then, but this time I just felt compelled to go. I waited until the last minute to decide because I tried to figure out why was I going, but I could not shake it. I hopped on the plane, flew to Detroit and stayed for both days of taping. While I was resting one evening, I began to meditate on the trip and realized that I did not come just because I wanted to, but my daughter needed me. She needed me just to be there. Mind you, she has help for the show so I did not go to help. Nevertheless, I did end up helping quite a bit even if it was just in the audience to clap and shout for her guest which caused me to be light headed after 2 hours of hollering (LOL). I am sure, without a doubt, she appreciated all of my help.

My going was deeper than that. For my daughter to see me drop all that I had to do just to be a part of what God is doing in her life was priceless. No amount of money or clothes could ever replace the smile that was in her heart because I was there. She saw the honor and respect that I have for what she is doing. She had the opportunity to see my care demonstrated. People are tired of hearing about how much you care it’s time to show them. I sat back like the proud momma watching every move, every smile, and every decision she made. If I never go again, she saw that she comes before anybody in our ministry or outside of my family. I don’t ever want my children to ask, “What about me?” Sweet tears are rolling down my cheeks now even as I type this because regardless of how old my children are I want to always avail myself to them. They still appreciate the fact that I care. It is sad that sometimes we stop and do stuff for others much faster than we do for those that care the most about us. I have been in ministry for 25 years and there is no doubt that somewhere along the line I have put others before my kids. This particular day I was determined to shut everybody down to spend time creating a mark that will last forever. When I am gone to be with Jesus I want them to recall great memories of me and not just when they were kids but even as adults.

My sister, pay attention to your loved ones and always try to be present in moments that count. We take so many things and people for granted, and we put off what sometimes we never have an opportunity to get back. Look around you and see the beauty of your family and friends and embrace them with your presence. Just because you see them all the time does not mean you are spending quality time or making impact. Don’t allow your loved ones to be looking for you while you are standing right there. That would be a tragedy. I love you, my sister!