I woke up early to finish some schoolwork, online Christmas shopping and to prepare for an out of town trip. About 11 o’clock PM I asked myself, “Where did the day go?” After sitting in the basement for over eight hours doing schoolwork my hair still wasn’t done nor clothes packed. I had to talk myself off of the stressed out ledge because I knew I had more hours of preparation ahead of me. I am one who prides myself on working ahead as I shared in my last blog. Really I am a bit anal, if you will, with working ahead. My courses are eight weeks and I like to be almost finish at week six which I am right now. I will stay up all night to get ahead. However, I know the enemy comes immediately to take what you confess you have. So, whatever you say out of your mouth please make sure you have it on lock in your spirit.

Okay back to getting off of this ledge. Everyone just about knows that my husband’s lungs were attacked two years ago. The devil tried to kill my man, but listen, no weapon formed will prosper if we believe it. However, we are still standing for total restoration and manifestation of his lungs. It’s a done deal as far as we are concerned. Devil don’t touch what’s mine!! Ok, I’m fine, had to get that out. While still standing, there are some things I won’t let my husband do. Like I won’t let him go down the steps and get the suitcases or lift anything that will cause his breathing to be labored. As a matter of fact, I really will do anything to serve him. That’s just my heart to serve. No, it’s not because it’s his requirement, it’s because I require it. This man has been good to me and I will do whatever. This is a marriage tip lol. Moving forward. So, I finally scurry upstairs about twelve o’clock midnight, to finish getting ready to leave in a few hours. I had to walk up and down the steps twice to bring two suitcases up. By this time, I am physically exhausted and I am about to collapse; not pass out, but in my soul.

At the same time that I am feeling a bit depleted Holy Spirit is in my ear saying, “You got this, I’m here with you, I have been sent to help you, exchange your strength for the Father’s strength.” Now I am collapsing for a different reason. Not because I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed, but because God is a present help in the time of need. THANK YOU JESUS! What’s so awesome is I didn’t even have to call for help, because He is already here with me to help.

Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you. Isaiah 41:10 MSG

A word for you. Do not become discouraged and weary in your fight. Trip out for a second if you have to but don’t stay there. Sometimes you may feel like you are going at it alone, but baby you have more help than you realize. Some of you may have had a lot of help at one time when you were going through a challenge, but now your challenge doesn’t appear to be a challenge at all to others. From the outside things look great. So, they have gone on with their lives and have even stopped praying for you. They don’t know the fight is not over for you. However, Jesus knows. So keep going and doing what you do. You will see your strength renewed. I love you my sister! Purpose to stay strong!