I love when I get to meet and love on you ladies in person! I feel so honored that you read these blogs, and that they’ve been a blessing to your life. I am so invested in empowering my sisters to get the best out of every area of life – whole life prosperity is what I’m after for you. I may not be able to talk to and greet every one of you, but it is my weekly prayer that something in these blogs creates a life-altering aha moment for you that will cause you to see greater and pursue greater. This genuinely being my heart towards you, I want to hear from you!  If there’s a subject or a question that you would like to talk about, click on the link below.  I want this blog to connect us as sisters.  This is our safe place. Let’s talk about it – whatever it is. Your name will not be mentioned when posted, but this is so important to me because your question can free someone else! Let’s help one another and talk about it!


Watch the video below of this cutie I met while out of town last week! Thank you again and again for reading these blogs and weekly meeting me here at our virtual meeting place. I love you!


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