Hey, I did it! I am officially Dr. DeeDee Freeman, and I am so excited to be finished with school having earned my doctoral degree in strategic leadership. Listen, this is what faith and a man can do. I never saw this day as a kid or as an adult so to be where I am in life is all about my faith in the Word of God. I grew up feeling dumb and not good enough to be more. So, I’ve always settled for whatever I could do or get. It’s crazy that I didn’t realize most of this until later in my adult life. You can just go through the motions of life and allowing the waves of life to carry you where it wants to take or you can look up and swim wherever you want to go. How I saw myself put limitations on me that God never intended. When you stop seeing yourself through the lenses of others and see yourself through the lens of God, you will go far in life.

Stop seeking validation from people that recreated you into what they said and did to you. Seek the one that created you from the beginning. When I tell you, I did not care if anyone would have celebrated with me when I graduated not even Mike or my kids. I am learning to celebrate myself. Don’t get me wrong I was thrilled to have 99 people to come to my graduation including my parents; so please understand. Sometimes the same people you want to celebrate you will be or have been the same people that will or have put you down who was involved in shaping your perception of yourself.

We all are the product of our environments, so it’s vital that you place yourself in a healthy and nurturing environment. I know you thought it was just when you were a child it shaped you, but no, even your adult interactions and environment is involved in developing you. People wonder why they did some of the stuff they did as an adult when having vowed they would never. Well, what unhealthy environment did you place yourself in that caused you to think differently about yourself? Make this a new day for you my sister. I am excited to see where you go from here.

I shared with our ministry this weekend that I live to be an example of righteousness and faith so others can see possibilities. It is not enough to preach more is possible without demonstrating it. I am not saying everyone needs to go to school, but please know that we all need to show others the fruit from our faith. We use so many excuses about what we can’t do, and I want to dispel the belief that you can’t to the belief that you can. You have the all-knowing, creator God on the inside of you. He has equipped you with His ability to conquer and recover all. Tell yourself “I CAN DO THIS!” I don’t know what your dream is, but you do, so do that which you thought was impossible.

I want to see you at God’s Glamourous Girl’s Conference in August to talk more about this same thing. We have set workshops this year to give you some practical ways to increase your life. We have workshops that will teach you about how to save your money, increase your cash, write a book/movie, build your confidence to go for it, and how to start your business. Invite your friends. Help me spread the word even if you cannot attend. I love you, my sister.

Dr. DeeDee Freeman