Have you ever made a decision you wish that you could have taken back? That decision to say, act, or even eat something you wish you could change. When my kids were growing up I taught them a powerful lesson about words which I think will be good for you. I may have shared this before but once when they were younger, I took them outside and we blew bubbles. I told them to try to catch the bubbles and put them back in the bottle. They all soon realized that after the bubbles escaped the apparatus there was no returning them. This applies to every area of our life. Once you let it escape you–whatever your it may be–it will then be impossible to get back. I did not say impossible to change or fix. Changing and fixing requires much more work than allowing it out.

but the wise think about what they do. Prov 14:15 NCV

Henry Ford said, “Thinking is hard work so that’s why few do it.” But I say not for the believer. One of the key elements that God has given to each of us is the ability to think. Unfortunately, most have been taught to talk but not think. However, thinking should be the principle thing before you act, talk, buy, eat or anything you do. Seek first the kingdom’s way of doing before you do. Last week I posted a quote on my instagram page that says,” What you decide to do in a moment can change your life forever! That’s good or bad.” and captioned  “think first.” So many people make decisions without thinking and it has caused them to be in some very tough and difficult places. Then we beg, plead and ask why did God let us to get in those difficult places. I want to challenge you to mind your mind–mind your thinking. You are where you are in life by the decisions you have made with or without God and in order to turn your life around, if you have made decisions without Him, is to start making new ones with Him. Thinking is critical for your success in life.

Christ died for you and I to not only receive salvation but to live out the rest of your life with His mind. Jesus was a thinker. He didn’t just haul off and do stuff. He carefully surveyed circumstances and situations before He took action. And this is how we should approach our day to day and moment to moment decisions. It’s not fair to be mad or blame God for where you are in life if you have not always included Him. It’s easier to blame others for your faults but blaming others won’t change your position. Thinking before acting will put an end to future regret. Today I would love for you to take responsibility for where you are and change your life. Pause, Think, and then Act! I pray you look forward today to a brand new start, with fresh eyes on where you are headed. Now who’s joining the P.T.A. Club – Pause-Think-Act with me?

Stay connected,