Let me first say thank you for meeting me here every week. I don’t ever want you to think I take your showing up here for granted. I am thrilled to be able to connect with so many of you as I travel and minister. I love hearing how the blogs have helped you in some form. As I read and pray for your prayers on our prayer wall it has definitely made me more empathic to people. I need you to know that our weekly virtual meeting has not just blessed you but it has blessed me also. With that being said I would like to meet all of you in person!!

This is a personal invite from me to you to join me for my women’s conference. Some of you already know about God’s Glamorous Girls Conference or have heard about it. Next year, July 11-13, The Fellowship presents God’s Glamorous Girls in Baltimore Maryland and you do not want to miss it. On July 10th we are having a fancy pink gala which will require you to purchase a separate ticket if you decide to attend. This gala will support Dee’s House of Hope and bring awareness to victims of domestic violence. I would love to see you there pretty in pink. I know the color for domestic violence is purple but our theme is “PINK RAIN” and I like coloring outside of the box. Keep reading because I have a special invitation to all of my subscribers. We have not had one since 2014 and I have been itching to have this so, it’s time to do it again. It is a special time for me to connect with ladies from around the world. This is not like your grandma’s conference. Lol!! One thing I know is that I love the Word, I love creativity, and I love entertainment. So at my conferences I bring all of that together. So save your leave, get a baby sitter and bunk up because us girls are about to turn up for Jesus.

When I first started having GGG I received so much backlash for the title because most didn’t understand. Now I look and just about everyone has a title similar to this. I am not saying that I was first by no means but I am saying that I hear more liberty now. People thought it was too vain to be called God’s Glamorous Girls but we all like to look glammed up and that’s why the beauty industry is bringing in billions of your dollars. That’s why you have to do what God has called you to and ignore all of the naysayers and dream killers. I know this is inspiring some of you to go and fulfill your dreams that others have put a wet blanket on. My reason for Glamorous is in the definition itself, “Charming or fascinatingly attractive, especially in a mysterious or magical way. Full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity.” The Bible says that men look at what they can see. I am not after the believer you have already been caught. I want your loved ones and friends that won’t come to church but will come to be entertained. I want to charm and entice a non-believer to receive Jesus with some fascinating and unusual activity. They won’t know what hit them and it will appear to them mysterious and magical but we as the believer will know that it was an encounter with Jesus. We the body have been fishing in the same spot too long and it is time to let down our nets on the other side. This is what Jesus said to Peter and the boys in John 21:6. I am talking about without compromise.

Matthew 10:16… “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.”

My special invitation to you my subscribers is to invite you to an exclusive and private meeting with me. I AM SO EXCITED!! After you have registered for the conference come back here and fill in the information below so I can properly prepare for you. This will be on a first come first serve basis. We have thousands that have subscribed so please don’t wait to register do it today. Let’s turn our virtual meeting place into an actual meeting.

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This is exciting too for all my pastor wives. My husband Pastor Mike will be hosting meetings for all senior pastors that would like to attend. This will be a time for you to ask questions and grow so you can go home and make impact in your community. If your husband is attending he will need to register as well at www.godsglamourousgirls.com.