The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. Proverbs 11:25 MSG

There is something special about going to my nail shop. I always have a great experience because either I am paying for someone, praying for someone, or someone is paying or ministering to me. I probably have written three blogs about my encounter in the nail shop. Well, this time was no different than any other time. I gathered my things to leave home with three other people. One happened to be a beautiful little eight-year-old girl that wanted to spend the day with me. We sit down to get our pedicures first and then we headed over to get our nails all beautified. I asked for my total, and the nail tech says, “You don’t have to pay for her. I will.” Tears started to form in my eyes because I saw something I have never witnessed from that side. I have been going to the same shop for fifteen years, and this was the owner who says keep your money.

Now that was truly a great thing to witness but what got me is when Holy Spirit started to minister to me. He began to show me how the dots were connected. “Look your heart was just to spend time with her and then you wanted to be a blessing to her in your heart, so you went to do so…” I was waiting for Him to finish like “annnd…” Then, He goes on to say, “All I have asked any of my children is to purpose in their heart first. If they would just desire in their heart to be a blessing to others I will provide.” This was super good to me because I know many people take themselves out of the game before they get in the game. God has blessed us to be a blessing, and if we are just willing to be a blessing, He is obligated to give us what we need for others. Her not charging me taught me a big lesson that day. It doesn’t always have to come out of your pocket to help others.

Let me inspire you today to just purpose in your heart to be a blessing to others and watch how God will provide. Stop looking at what you have in your hand and look at what’s in your heart. Whatever you give your attention to it will grow. It doesn’t have to be much to bless someone; it could be lunch or gas money. Whatever the amount or size of the seed just be willing to be a blessing to others and watch how God will provide. I love you, my sister!