Off to the nail shop we go for a time of relaxation. Typically I go alone to the shop but this time Mike decided he wanted to tag alone and get a manicure and a pedicure also. Okay, no problem, because for the last 15 plus years I have been going to the same guy. I knew my process was going to be longer than Mike’s but I know what I want and again my guy has been taking care of me for 15 plus years. He doesn’t even ask me to pick out my color because he knows that I want a French manicure on my fingers and toes with gel on top. While my guy,Terry, is finishing up with my pedicure Mike looked over and asked, “What color are you getting?” “Color? You know I don’t do color.” “Well I want you to get this pink right here.” “Are you serious?” Listen, I had no idea that I was married to a French manicure. The separation anxiety and disquietude became too real in that moment. I was not okay with this at all and I did not know why because it was just polish. So Mike saw the anguish on my face and said, “DeeDee, you can come back next week and change it if you do not like it.” Okay, lets do this!

Here comes Sunday and nothing that I wanted to wear matched these pink toes and pink finger nails :-(. Now all of the feelings I thought I had relinquished at the salon with an okay I will try color really had reappeared on the scene. I was struggling going from outfit to outfit because of a dumb color on the smallest part of my body. I know you nail color wearers are wondering why was I tripping and that it was not that serious. I took a picture and sent it to my daughter to show her my toes protruding through the sandals looking like they were waving flags saying look at me. (LOL) She told me it was fine and it doesn’t have to match. Great, let me just take this pump with me if I still feel uncomfortable about it. Well guess what I did when I arrived at church? YES! I put them pumps on to quiet down those hollering, bright, flag waving toes. Then the Holy Spirit began to speak to me.

“This is how my people are.” I knew exactly what He was saying because I was teaching Bible study last week on this same subject. So many people are stuck on what’s familiar and are not able to travel untraveled territory because they turn around due to the fact they are not accustomed with it. The same feelings I had with just my nails is the same feeling that many have as it relates to any change in their lives. The children of Israel were stuck with how things were in Egypt even though they wanted out. God brought them out but they never received the promise land and when they got out they complained about going back. Change is necessary for growth. Stop complaining about every little thing and just go with it sometimes. Stretch yourself with possibilities. You know what I did this week? I went back and got another color because I don’t want to be stuck in any area of my life!!!!!!

Stay connected,