And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. I Corinthians 12:26

For one hour straight it seemed like all I heard was, “Grandma he won’t let me or she won’t let me” and quite frankly I reached the point where I had enough. I was outside on a beautiful day trying to enjoy the sun while allowing my five kisses to play together. I was trying hard not to ruin the fun by saying, “forget it let’s go in the house” LOL. STOP IT! Thank God that I did not blow it, I started to pray and ask wisdom to instruct me because the way I raised my kids is antiquated LOL I whoop children. My daughter is a counter, bless her heart. You know by now I will get a life lesson out of everything, and my husband has taught me how to pause and HEAR in every MOMENT. Listen to me and remember this, “Moments Matter.” All it takes is one moment to ruin or raise your life. That is why my last blog about hearing Holy Spirit was so important. In that moment of chaos and confusion, the cleverness of Holy Spirit gave me a game to play to teach them the power of unity. I want my babies to get along with people, and if they are not taught how to get along with each other, they will grow up like some of you who prefer to be alone. We can accomplish so much more together than alone. Most of you know I am planning my women’s conference (check it out here!), and in doing this I need a lot of help. It would be impossible to get the job done with just me. I so appreciate all of my help whether it is a big help or little help because I need help. Let’s make this day appreciation day and call or text someone that you have not spoken with in a while and appreciate them.

My sister you were not created to do life alone. I’m challenging you to come off the island of your mind that you have created for just you. Forsake your hermit nature and come out of the hole you have dug so deep that you can hardly breathe. The Father God has created us to be helpers one to another. If you continue to stay to yourself and focus only on your position in life, you will miss out on those God-opportunities to be advanced and to help others advance by working together. The men in our ministry came together and bought two families a car and changed their lives forever. My husband says all the time that we do not lack the resources but rather the unity. One simple act of demonstrated love made a mark that cannot be erased. It is called the power of unity.

In the video, nothing could move unless everybody moved together. When you pause in life, whether it is due to a trial or a celebrating victory, your steps affect the movement of everyone else.

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