Two weeks ago I had to minister at a Women’s event about one and a half hours away from my home. I can’t stand being late and knowing rush hour was about to hit I decided to leave two and half hours early. I closed the car door ready to brave the traffic, and then it hit me, “I should have stopped by the refrigerator to grab a cold bottle of water”.  After having a partial hysterectomy several years ago I have quite a few heat waves better known as hot flashes.  You young girls wouldn’t understand and you faith walkers are praying and binding that hot flash right now. LMBO!  Well suddenly it happened! Fire shut up in my bones! I began to roll down the windows, turned the heat to a “mighty rushing wind” of cold air, and scrounged for anything cold to drink. Now please I know ya’ll know all the remedies and I have heard them all but don’t mail me anything because I am not going to take it.  I love you though.  Just write it in the comment section, because I do read your responses .  

Back to my story.  A tad parched and cottonmouthed,  I craved something cold to soothe me. When we finally pulled up to the event location I scurried out of the car on a mission to find a pop and a cup of ice.  I can’t begin to describe the excitement of finding a gift shop! All the way in the back of the shop I opened a refrigerator to reveal shelves upon shelves of hot flash repellant and pulled out a diet coke.  Yes!!  The only thing missing is the cup of ice so off to a nearby bar I went. I opened the coke to just take a sip and you could have pinched me.  When I removed the bottle top ice began to surface from the bottom of the bottle.  OMG!  A pop slightly frozen is the best ever!  I was too excited showing everyone around me.  There was no need for the cup of ice because…


Now here is the lesson.  Why God speaks to me this way I don’t know but it sure ministers to me.  As soon as I saw that ice Holy Spirit begin to say, Psalm 138:8a “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;” Now I know you have probably heard that scripture many times but for me I heard it stronger than ever before. Know that God cares about every detail concerning you! God knows how He made you, He knows what you have need of, He knows your desires, and He is dedicated to exceeding your wildest imagination. What an awesome God we serve!

I just wanted a pop and a cup of ice, but the Father is such a show off.  It is His pleasure to roll out the red carpet for you; to do things big because He is a BIG GOD! Ephesians 3:20 says, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,” Whatever you are thinking about right now He can do bigger.

It is important that we recognize and appreciate the small stuff. When the big challenges come and you don’t have any small victories you can remember there’s a strong possibility that you will wave a white flag.  Do you remember David could recall all the small victories when he went up against Goliath?  We have to stop being so busy overlooking all that God is doing in our life everyday. I can now say, “God if you cared that much about a cold one surely you care about my health…”. Start today recognizing and meditating on all of the little things God is manifesting in your life!

Stay connected,