Would you still like me if he wasn’t my father and she wasn’t my mother? This is the question my baby girl asked after she was approached by someone that wanted to take care of her after they found out that she was my child. Initially, I did not understand why she was responding like it was such a bad thing, but then she began to minister to me. I had to put my little perspective down and listen because she was going somewhere. For years I would go minister at churches and I was Mike Freeman’s wife. I personally was good with that title. He had a great reputation so I just rode on his coat tail and I still do LOL! Favor was and is all around me and I just walk in what he has established. So, Brelyn, where are you going with this? Were you offended? Do you want your own identity? Do we have a bad rep to you? Are you trying to make your own way? Oh, I get it, you don’t want to be called our daughter any longer you want to be Tim’s wife? “Ma, no its none of that.” Well, what is it then? I had my defenses up ready to respond with an attitude, thinking why do millennials have to always find their own way? Girl your father and I have set a good start for you!

Brelyn shared, “I feel sad for all of those that are not connected to people that have a well-known name.” “WHY?” “Ma, if the only reason she is doing this for me is because I’m your child how would she treat others that are not? Is she treating a name or is she treating the person? Jesus died and rose for us all not just for a certain name.” To me, this was surface deep right in my eyes. I agreed to how she was feeling and started to ponder over how others are sometimes looked over because they don’t know the right person.

Remember to welcome strangers, because some who have done this have welcomed angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2 NCV

Some of you have been impacted by this very thing. You didn’t get the job but someone who knew someone did. We say it all the time It’s not what you know it’s who you know. I know that you real spiritual ones are already saying, “Well, I know Jesus”, and good for you and me too. I am still talking to you too though. Refuse to be the person that overlooks others because you don’t know them or someone they are connected to. They could very well be the one with your answer. Don’t be caught judging others that you do not know. Short and sweet! Love You, Cutie!