It was hot and humid last week when I decided to go outside with my dad to his garden. First of all, I do not like yard work or working in anyone’s garden. However, this day was not about working in the garden but it was about spending quality time with someone I love deeply.

Life has a way of taking us away from the things and people that mean the most. When I was out with my dad I had the awesome opportunity to hear some old stories that were important and dear to his heart. At the same time strengthening our relationship. In every relationship there will be times when you will be required to do some things that you don’t want to do. Just like toiling in that garden. The work was no fun but what I kept in mind is the harvest at the end from the work. I have a couple of real good girl friends and I promise you that it was work getting the relationships to where it is today. One of them did not like me when we first met. I paid her no mind and purposed in my heart to win her over. Now we are covenant friends for life. Most people would have given up if they were me but I understand the labor involved in any relationship. So now when people see us together they think we are natural sisters and they admire what we have.

It’s easy to sit back and admire others’ relationship even to the point of jealousy. But you can have the same thing if you would be willing to invest your time and energy in your new or old relationships regardless of the work. Many enjoy the fruit from the garden but most don’t like the daily grind that’s involved. Time to invest in the people you love!

Stay connected,

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