My baby is having a baby and I am shouting it from the rooftop!! I love having grandkids. I will be the proud grandma of six in July. It is the best feeling ever, and if you have grand babies you know the feeling. My children never have to beg to get me to keep my grandkisses. No, listen to me. I have it bad lol! They have their own room in my house with clothes so they never have to pack a bag. I know, pray for me please. Yes, this baby on the way gave me a different feeling; good but different.

Transitions can be challenging sometimes if you don’t know how to process them correctly. For instance, when I hit fifty, emotionally and physically I changed. Stuff that use to matter to me stopped mattering. When I should have been cold like everyone else I was hot begging for a fan and rolling down windows. One of the most challenging transitions was being an empty nester. I love that my children are grown and gone but I miss the noise at times. Now I’m met with the transition of my baby girl, Brelyn, having a baby. Psychologically, it hit me that I no longer have any babies. I know you may be thinking I should’ve been over this, because Brelyn’s married and has been out of my home for almost four years. Leave me alone! I like them people lol. It’s obvious that I have held on to her being a baby more than even I realized. I know it’s not about her so hold on. This was a hit because it was really about me seeing myself age and it’s strange to feel and process aging in your mind. I almost felt like I needed some cognitive behavioral therapy lol.

You know it’s one thing to feel uneasy about something but it’s another thing to soak in that uneasiness. True transparency here – I didn’t feel like fighting this feeling I was having. I wanted to feel sorry for myself! I knew no one else in my house would feel sorry for me, understand or even care to be invested in this moment with me. I can hear my husband as I write this telling me to get a grip, and I didn’t want to hear that so I had to pull myself together. We need people in our life to tell us to get it together. Being left to yourself and your own thoughts is not always good when you are fighting emotions.

So if this is you right now, and you find yourself fighting uneasiness; fighting the inevitability of transitions; hear your sister saying, “Get yourself together and go live your life on purpose!” Every day you waste is a day not lived to the fullest. Every day you remain stumped during a transition, you miss the beauty of the next season. Take authority over your thoughts because the enemy will have you feeling crazy. The scripture is so powerful and it tells us to cast down any and ALL thoughts that don’t line up with the Word of God. You may be in a transition in your life right now but don’t allow your thinking to take you out. Look at it as another blooming flower on your tree of life. Even if it is the death of a loved one. We meditate so greatly on the loss in death that it gets the best of us. In fact there is no loss at all if the died in Christ. When we really begin to see life through the lens of Christ we will get through life much easier. Start looking at every challenge in life as an opportunity to kick Satan’s butt by how you trust God. Go through seeing victory at the end. If you go on defeated you will come out defeated. However if you go in a winner you will come out a winner.

I love you my sister!