Rain, rain go away was my cry for two days as I set in the house in the Bahamas. I left the snow to go to the Bahamas to handle some business, and I wanted the sun. You know we all want what we want and when we want it. Somehow, it was taking longer than I anticipated. So, what do you do? I just made inside fun happen with my kisses and Brelyn. How many times have things not gone the way that you have expected? What did you do at that moment? Especially when you cannot change what is currently happening. Life will throw things at you that you never planned for, but you have to learn how to make the best out of every moment regardless. Never let them see you sweat! I don’t know who them is, but you know. I am working hard at growing up this year. I have identified areas in my life that need work. I refuse to be in the same place next year, and I am not giving myself that long either that just sounds good to say (LOL). I have learned that change is a matter of making a decision, so I have decided to be better.

Moving on, I am sitting here in the Bahamas thinking about the goodness of God. I have four of my kisses with me. Last night at about eleven pm I took the oldest one, Konner outside with me to walk around the property. We stopped periodically to enjoy the view. I looked at him and said, “God did this, and we always have to be grateful and show appreciation for His goodness towards us. Right after I finished sharing with him, Mike face timed us, and Konner said, “G we are looking at what God has done for us.” His little voice raised to a high pitch, his eyes were gleaming, and he started to leap up and down.

He was so excited to share with G about the Father’s blessing that it made me excited again. I thought I was excited until I saw his reaction. I learned a powerful lesson again last night. Sometimes we get so relaxed with the blessings of God that we don’t always show appreciation like we did when we first started seeing His blessing.

Have you ever given someone something and they were so excited that you wanted to give them more? I’m not saying God is like that, but if He is anything like what He has created, then He is like us. We are created in His likeness. My point is don’t take anything for granted. Pause and appreciate the people and stuff you have in your life. I mean really appreciate it all. Not that superficial thank you, and I love you but pray that your heart will be connected with your words. Let people feel the love and appreciation. Mike tells me at times that he doesn’t always feel appreciated for what he has provided for our family. Thank God, he will say to me so I can make the correction. Sad to say that everyone won’t tell you how they feel, they will just walk away from you. The feeling I received from Konner’s excitement motivated me to be excited about God on another level. Don’t get me wrong, I am not tripping, and I have not walked away from my relationship with Him. We are responsible for keeping it fresh and real. I don’t want to be stale in any of my relationships, and it’s not because of what they do for me, but because I choose to be in these relationships – so, I choose to keep it fresh. Tell yourself, “KEEP IT FRESH.” Get around new Christians that are excited about Jesus. I promise it will keep you “LIT” as the young people will say.

I appreciate you sisters!!