My Emotions are not the B.O.S.S. of Me: Leading with Emotional Intelligence


My Emotions are not the B.O.S.S. of Me: Leading with Emotional Intelligence
… Practical ways to Better Outcomes. Stronger Solutions. …in any relationship

Many of us carry stories with us that evoke negative emotions as if we are afraid someone will steal them if we decide to put them down! And what’s worse, we recycle them over and over again adding a little spice each time, stirring up the same hurtful feelings and building more scar tissue by opening wounds that were never really completely healed.
If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us can recall times when acting on our emotions ruled, and I dare say ruined a few good family, work, friend, church, – you name it – gatherings! At home, on the job, social events and even in the church – some might say we’ve lost control of our emotions. Well I beg to differ – our emotions aren’t lost – we’ve just given control of them to someone or something else – at least for the time being!
With intentionality and effort, we can regain control. While we may experience the benefit of an elevated Intelligence Quotient (IQ), are we able to make this same declaration as it relates to our Emotional Intelligence (EI) – the ability to manage ourselves and our relationships effectively (Daniel Goleman).
Regardless of the level of academic astuteness, if EI is lacking, we end up on a same roller coaster of emotions – situation after situation and relationship upon relationship. Well, quite frankly, the ride has made me dizzy – I’m ready to get off and so can you!

Being fully attuned to elements of EI while responding to situations in a way that is pleasing to God leads to greater outcomes and sustainable satisfaction in any relationship. It is within this context that I offer B.O.S.S. Moves – Better Options. Stronger Solutions. Spiritual solutions to negative emotional responses makes way for leaders to manage emotions the correct way.

For leaders and followers who not only want to be understood, accepted, and appreciated, but wish to understand, accept and appreciate … my prayer is that the seeds planted in this book will land on rich soil and sprout rich dialogue to propel you to achieving a higher level of emotional intelligence in each of your relationships.

With love, appreciation, and hope,
Dr. Kathleen Nowell Cabler, ODCP

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