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A New Job
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:I'm a bit lost. Last month, my job suspended me with out pay for unjust reasons. My boss became irate with me, belittled, and cursed at me. I made the decision that I had to walk away from that job. I felt like God was pushing me to leave and I just knew I'd have another opportunity come through for me. God aligned it for me to interview immediately for a teaching position. It was perfect because I left teaching due to certification and then by the Grace of God found out that I am qualified to go back to teaching as a certified teacher. I waited years for this. I am praying for that job to come through for me this month as I have no other options at the moment. However if God should see fit for me to work somewhere else I am praying for my application to be accepted and to successfully interview for a position that will allow me to serve God and walk in my calling. I'm scared and I'd love for you to lift me in prayer for a new job this month.

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