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Healing and deliverance
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:My oldest grandchild will be 39 on the 16th of this month. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 16. Since that time she has been in and out of mental hospitals and jail or prison. She now has 4 children (2 boys and w girls). The boys are 17 and 15. The girls are 6 and 3. I have had the boys for most of their lives and the girls are with other relatives, one is in PA and the youngest in in NY. My granddaughter was molested as a child and sexually manipulated as a young girl. When she is in crisis all of the rage and anger she has been holding in comes out. She will not take medication unless forced to. My granddaughter is very bright, physically beautiful, creative and she has a beautiful heart. All who meet her can see she has a calling on her life. She stands out from the crowd. My prayer is that she is healed, delivered and set free. At an early age she accepted Christ, but now vascillates between Christianity and Islam. God intended great things for this young woman. She is a leader. I believe she will do great things in the kingdom of God. Her two boys don’t know her really and the older boy feels she abandoned him. She lived in GA for over 10 years. The younger son really does not know her at all. He was 2 months old when he was taken from her. The two girls don’t know her at all. But she’s trying to force a relationship with her. The 17 year old boy has become increasingly angry because he has had no father or mother. He has been raised by my husband and myself (2 old people). As a young boy he accepted Christ, but now he’s angry and defiant and smoking weed. He’s a senior in HS but has no interest in school, though he is very bright. I pray his anger turns to joy and he turns back to Christ.

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