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A Blessed Career as A Woman in Tech
Submitted By:Olivia Johnson
Prayer Request:My request is to be recognized as an amazing, strong leader in the tech field. Right now, being the only female on the team, whose entry level compared to the guys, I get a lot of "you won't make it/you can't handle it/you don't know what you're doing/you don't have a degree yet so you will get a better understanding then" on the daily. I know they're not being spiteful, but they don't understand how their words knock my confidence out. I definitely don't feel like I am getting taken seriously and I want too. I am an entry level tech, at a prototyping facility, who wants to be a technologist engineer who is bigger than Steve Jobs. I want the opportunities that no man has ever had. I want all of my education, degrees, and certifications paid free. I want to graduate Yale with a dual bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering. I want to be requested to countries all around the world for my "tech toys" and all expense paid. I want to be a phenomenal and powerful leader for Women of Color in Tech and I want to be inspiration/big help to those women who want to dominate the tech world. Right now, I just feel like a small voice with a big dream in a male dominated world and I want to be victorious.

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