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My daughter leaving
Submitted By:Trenia Price
Prayer Request:I ask the church to please say a prayer for my daughter's protection and strength through her military journey which begins on April 16, 2019. She has experience a few academic challenges and realized she can continue to grow as an individual and adult within the military. She is now 20yrs old and CAME to me and say she prayed for two years asking God to help her and show her the way to where she should be to achieve success in life. She is my youngest of 4 and I used to me concerned about her realtionship with God but she broke it down one day to me in a mutre way and said "Mom just because you don't see me go to a church building every Sunday does not mean I don't have church within my mind and my soul is connected to God" Again she is 20yrs old so I had to stop and just say"THANK YOU GOD" because this was all I ever prayed for was the safety and knowing my kids had a true relationship with God. We now live in Tx but I owe my kids spiritual growth to SOFCC !!!I stream Live now and still drop a tear at times when I lesson to the teachings .

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