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Prayer Request:Family, Please be in pray with me for I and my family have been under attack by the enemy for years now. I need this to be broken. My finances is totally in ruins. Sometimes I have to go without buying food or paying a bill late. I feel bad when I cannot provide food for my family to eat. I am also having issues on my job bosses are per-judging me without getting to know me. they have promoted everyone within office except for me. it's hard going in there and dealing with this. I'm being judge based off another employee, I wish they would stop. This employee also stabs me in the back when I was the only one to help her and still do. please pray God will promote me and give me a new career path and prove everything they have said about me to be wrong. I need finance to get out of debt and fix the many things wrong with my home which need fixing. Finally, that God will fill me with his power and holy spirit.

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